Redesign Greece  represents the efforts of a community that will engage both online and offline.


Our objective is to help rationalize the debate on overhauling Public Administration, and focus on specific solutions to Greece's thorny problems. To this end, our aim is to propose, analyse, debate and communicate upon specific and implementable propositions.

This platform is intended as a tool for interaction with a larger audience, as a platform for engagement, and for indentifying solutions that can be put forth.

The initiative was originally sponsored by London Business School, and is now managed by the Greek Alumni Association and the Hellenic Club under the guidance of Professor Michael G. Jacobides.
Redesign Greece would like to acknowledge the following websites:
Greek Economists for : A blog publishing articles by leading academic economists on issues relevant  to economic policy and reforms in Greece.
Greek Public Policy Forum : An online forum with content on Greek public policy issues

Currently, RedesignGreece has under consideration a proposal to setup an initiative to enable a wide range of public sector affiliates, experts, and stakeholders to provide tangible proposals for improving the management of the Greek public administration. More details are provided in the proposal.

This ambitious plan is still awaiting final decision, after a positive view from the parties involved, but also the existence of administrative and legal details which are being concerned.

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